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Float Therapy

How Floating Can Help You:

Athletes and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Athletes of all kinds have been using the tank since it’s inception; we even have several Indianapolis Colts that Float with us! Whether being used as a recovery tool in between workouts, or as the ultimate visualization chamber to picture your next win, the Float Tank is the perfect way to take whatever you do to the next level.

  • Improve circulation and flexibility, while reducing lactic acid post-workout

  • Clear your mind of distractions while you imagine your next adventure 

  • Relieve tension and pain from intense sessions, and get back in the game faster

Students and Artists

Any student or creative type knows that their mind is their most valuable tool. Honing that resource is no easy feat, as today’s modern world is a non-stop barrage of background noises and distractions. Taking time out to narrow your focus is key, and Floating is the best place for it!

  • With nothing to distract it, the mind has more resources at it’s disposal

  • The connection between left and right hemispheres is strengthened during Floating, enchancing creativity

  • Floating produces brain wave states that are highly conducive to learning 

Practitioners of Yoga & Meditation

For those out there seeking peace by looking within, finding that quiet space can be a challenge. The day to day grind often leaves us with little energy, or patience, for those things we know we need to do. Find your self again, and reconnect mind, body, and spirit inside the Float Tank.

  • Floating offers the same health benefits as a regular meditation practice

  • Improve your posture and flexibility for those difficult poses

  • Can induce the highly sought-after theta wave state, normally seen only in children and those with years of experience in meditation


Busy schedules create busy minds, and even the most organized among us can become lost in the urban jungle. Tasks and deadlines pile up, management demands more, and we can find ourselves running from meeting to meeting with no downtime to regroup. Don’t fall behind; recharge your batteries!

  • Plan your next step in a distraction-free environment

  • Ease and improve resistance to stress, making you more effective in the workplace

  • “Defrag your hard drive” and let the important issues come to the surface, while reducing worry about minor issues

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