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The Green Laser by LOR

An effective way to lose fat.

This is not your average weight loss and body sculpting treatment. The Green Laser by LOR is the most advanced fat-loss laser you'll find. It is FDA-cleared for full-body laser fat loss and can treat even the most stubborn areas of fat in multiple regions of the body.

The main goal of this treatment, which uses a unique green laser, is to decrease your overall body circumference. The Green Laser treatment is safe, effective, and fast. Each treatment is only 30 minutes, and you can lose inches in just a matter of weeks. Plus, our Styku 3D body scan is included with each session so you can see exactly how your body is changing.

Save On ALL Treatments

$350 per month for 4 months!

3D Body Sca

How It Works

The Green Laser fat removal uses a unique green laser (10 of them to be exact) to cause the fat cells in the target area to release their fatty materials. Your body will eliminate this material through its natural detoxification process (your lymphatic system). It’s important to understand that the laser does not destroy your fat cells, it just helps to shrink them. 


Why is this important?

With most other treatments, like CoolSculpting® or liposuction, the fat cells are destroyed. Over time, this causes “potholes”, “pitting” and “rough” looking skin in the areas that were treated, especially if the fat cells in the area start to increase in size. With the Green Laser by LOR, the fat cells are unharmed, so you’ll never have unwanted changes in the look and feel of your skin.


Measure Your Success


You can also purchase our 3D body scans separately from the Green Laser treatment.
Whether you’re exercising to improve athletic performance, lose weight, or stay healthy, our Styku 3D body scan takes away the guesswork and is the best way to track your progress.

1 Scan  |  $40
2 Scans  |  $60

3D body scans are FREE with your Green Laser treatments.
See exactly how your body is changing with our Styku 3D body scan. Styku uses the world's most powerful 3D camera; over a million data points are extracted in less than 35 seconds, resulting in precise body composition analysis. It's quick and easy and digitally extracts your measurements, tracks changes in body shape, calculates fitness and health metrics, and much more.
 The process is quick and non-invasive. A client simply stands in a fixed position on a turntable while it rotates 360 degrees. Within seconds Styku assembles a 3D model of their body along with a full report of body circumferences, composition and shape analysis. 

Click on the photo below to see a full progress report.


How Does It Compare To Other Treatments?

LOR Green Laser Comparison_edited.jpg

Real People. Real Results


We only provide services and products that we believe in, and here is our very own Lyndsie, sharing her amazing results from the Green Laser. Seeing the progress and seeing the numbers are great (as of today, Lyndsie has lost over 14 inches and 20 pounds!). Most important, though, is how you feel.​

While every patient has a different experience, you can see your fat reduction completed in just 6 treatment sessions. As long as you commit to staying healthy and maintaining your results with exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet, you can expect to enjoy your new body permanently.

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