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6 Sessons  |  30-Minutes Each |  $1,500.00

The Green Laser by LOR

~ Fat Loss For Every Body ~

This is not your average weight loss and body sculpting treatment. 

The Green Laser by LOR is the most advanced fat-loss laser you'll find, and we are the only place in all of the Midwest where you will find it. It is safe and FDA-cleared for full-body laser fat loss and can treat even the most stubborn areas of fat in multiple regions of the body.

The main goal of this treatment, which uses a unique green laser, is to decrease your overall body circumference. The Green Laser treatment is safe, effective and fast. Each treatment is only 30 minutes, and you can lose inches in just a matter of weeks.


It is truly one-of-a-kind.


~ How It Works ~


This treatment is extremely simple from start to finish.


No Pain  |  No Downtime  |  No Freezing

No Bruising  |  No Side Effects


Harmless light energy at specific wavelengths targets fat and works at a cellular level, creating a small transitory pore in fat cells that allows fatty liquids to seep out. The body processes these fatty liquids naturally through its lymphatic system. Because the fat cells are being shrunk instead of killed, the Green Laser treatment is a healthier way to safely remove fat from the body. It also returns fat cell hormone response back to balance for lasting results.

Additionally, the Green Laser heals and rejuvenates skin tissue, so it reduces cellulite, tightens collagen in saggy skin, increases elasticity and improves the overall appearance of the skin in treated areas

~ Real People & Real Results ~

While every patient has a different experience, you can see your fat reduction completed in just 6 treatment sessions. As long as you commit to staying healthy and maintaining your results with exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet, you can expect to enjoy your new body permanently.

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