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Plunge Therapy

Prepayment is required when booking a service. Fully refundable when cancelled 24 hours prior to appointment.

What is Hot+Cold Plunge Therapy?

Cold Plunge 2.jpg

This combination therapy includes our hot sauna followed by a cold water plunge and will leave you feeling fantastic. You get all the benefits from the sauna (flushing toxins) and cold therapy (decreased inflammation) in one session! Hot+Cold Plunge Therapy is a treatment that decreases swelling and inflammation, helps decrease pain and muscle spasm, and increases range of motion, strength and mobility.

How Hot+Cold Plunge Therapy works:

The theory behind the use of contrast baths in physical therapy is that the rapid change from warm to cold helps to quickly open up and close the tiny capillaries in your body. Warmth causes these small arteries to open, which cold causes them to close. This rapid opening and closing of blood vessels creates a pumping action that helps decrease swelling and inflammation. 

Your session will begin in the sauna to begin the process of flushing the toxins. We recommend you spend at least 6 minutes, but no longer than 20 minutes. Listen to your body to help determine how long you stay in the heat.

Cold Plunge Pool
The temperature in the cold plunge is approximately 59 degrees. How you enter the pool and how long you stay submerged also depends on how your body feels. You can fully submerge or do a partial plunge. 

Some Of The Benefits*

  • Speeding up muscle and injury recovery

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Supporting a healthy immune system

  • Improving lymphatic circulation

  • Increasing red blood cell count and growth hormone levels

  • Enhancing levels of endurance and recovery

  • Increasing cardiovascular health

  • Removing heavy metals

  • Improving sleep and reducing stress

  • Increasing your resting metabolic rate and more

Introductory Price*  |  $40 Sunday-Friday  |  $50 Saturday

Note: The key benefits of this therapy come from the hot and cold combination, however, you can choose just the Cold Plunge Therapy. Price remains the same.

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