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Gentlemen’s Collection


Here at LOR Spa our Gentlemen’s Collection is exactly what men need. The harsh routine of shaving, or maintaining that prize-winning beard need. The damage caused by days of hard labor and weekends of play. These issues cannot be fixed with daily doses of soap and water. And let’s not forget about walking a mile in those shoes! Specialized pedicure or manicure that has all the health benefits needed to keep moving. The Gentlemen’s Collection includes well-deserved time to be healthy and pampered!


Big Dog Men’s Facial

This is a custom facial geared towards problems and issues you want to focus on with your skin


What takes place during a Nail Care Tune Up:

Privacy curtains for the foot care tune up


Remove dead skin, dirt

Cut & File and buff nails

Pushback the cuticles and nip any excess skin

Skin care lotions


What takes place during a facial:

In-depth cleansing


Hydration & Rejuvenation

Hot towel treatment

Neck, shoulder, & scalp massages


Why do men need nail care?

Helps prevent ingrown toenails

Removes dirt and bacteria that can cause foot odor

Removes unsightly (and sometimes painful) calluses

Improves blood flow to feet when you massage your feet during foot care tune up.

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