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We are often asked about the history of LOR Spa. Here is our story…..


LOR Spa started as a business plan with a purpose to provide a place for people to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.  LOR’s two owners, understand the stresses in our everyday lives.


The 12,000 square foot space was designed with stunning elements to create a unique atmosphere that would ensure the ultimate comfort and relaxation. The goal was to create a true spa experience that is typically only found in a five-star resort hotel.  We wanted to provide a sanctuary where people can come to relax and unwind whether they are alone or with a group of friends. Our goal is to make North Dakota a destination for people to refresh their bodies and minds. 


This business venture has been both exciting and scary.  We invested in an idea that some said would not survive in a smaller community like Minot.  BUT… hard work and dedication with a sound business plan and a strong need in the community kept us moving forward. 


We strive to create a great place to work for our staff, a place where massage therapists, cosmetologists, and estheticians can come together and provide an amazing experience for their clients.  As a team, we are committed to making LOR Spa an extraordinary facility with outstanding service.   


Initially, we wanted a name for the spa that would tell a story.  The idea was built from living the stresses of life and understanding the importance of strong family and friends.  When life happens, and family and friends come together with great positive intentions, amazing things like this business adventure emerge.   After many name ideas, some with funny stories, we chose LOR Spa…with no meaning or funny story.  The cool part is that is how life happens, rarely ending with the same intentions with which it began.   Now we believe LOR is a name that has meaning because of its solid reputation. 


We opened our doors in May 2016 with a very soft opening allowing us time to learn and grow in this new adventure.  We know this business will always be a work in progress as we continue to evolve. Our clients have been so kind and have provided amazing compliments and feedback to help us improve and solidify our business.  With each season we grow, we become better and we will never stop improving.


The owners and the entire LOR team would like to thank everyone who has supported us.  This community has made this a rewarding and exciting adventure and we could not do it without you.  Please continue to provide your feedback.  We have feedback cards available at the spa or please send comments to    





Spa Etiquette or Rules

Our building is designed as a retreat for all guests, allowing a relaxing environment for everyone.  For this reason no children under the age of 16 will be allowed in any part of the facility.  Cell phone usage is not allowed, and cell phones should be locked in the locker-room lockers. 


Tip will be allowed during the payment process.     


Guests under the influence of drugs or alcohol maybe refused treatment

Guests that make our employees unconformable maybe refused treatment

Only scheduled guests can be in the facility during the scheduled package times.  Guests are not allowed be bring non-paying guests with them.  


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